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A holiday in the Marche, many holidays in one: sea, countryside, villages and mountains

A lot of our guests use the Moon and the Fortress like base for daily trips to the sea, to the museums of the Region and to historical and artistic sites or for fresh walks in the mountain paths of the Sybilline and in the National Park of Abruzzo.

Nearby many historical-artistic towns: Ascoli Piceno(25km), Acquaviva Picena (2km), Offida (10km), Ripatransone (12km) and others.

We have Opera and Concerts of national importance at the Sferisterio in Macerata and at the Ventidio Basso in Ascoli Piceno.
For the lovers of horseriding, there is a handling at a few miles and the racecourse San Paolo at Piane di Montegiorgio.

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Photos of the surroundings

Acquaviva Picena (AP)  Marche

Borgo  Acquaviva Picena


Acquaviva presents itself as a locality full of culture and traditions, perfect for those who love art and history. But it is really thanks to the Middle Ages that it imposes majestically to the visitors eyes thanks to its suggestive village and ancient surrounding wall. At the highest point of the village is the powerful fortress, symbol of the village and most well known historical monument. Inside the fortress is an ancient arm museum. A walk through Acquaviva allows you to “go back in time” admiring the Civic Tower, dating back to 1300 and the churches valuable for their architecture and historical interest. If instead you decide to visit the charming countryside you would apprieciate San Francesco, its convent and the rustic chapels that look over the crossroads, not to mention a visit to the numerous cellars of long vine growing and wine producing traditions that produce delicate and refined wines. Characteristic is also a basket handcraft where straw and willow are interwined. “Le pajarole”, to which is dedicated a museum. This craft needs much patience and precision and is carried out by only the women of the village, all done exclusively by hand. Many possibilities to eat in characteristic restaurants of the village at good prices.

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Photo Civic Tower